For over 20 years, A&J has been a professional  manufacturer of various automotive parts. Initially, the company's core product lines were cast and tubular manifolds and kits. Our customers have driven our product lines today to, but not limited to, diesel products, exhausts kits, manifolds, machined castings and components, hardware, gaskets, and performance related products. Additionally,our customers have used A&J as a Sourcing Agent  in Asia to consolidate purchases/suppliers  and optimize containers. A&J's ownership of factories and warehousing allows us to reduce costs and provide more competitive  costs to our customers.We
are pleased to announce the opening of another new manufacturing facility and warehouse opening in early 2022 in China to support our customers.
US factory & warehouse: A&J Manufacturing LLC
Add: 12071 N SR37, Elwood Indiana 46036 United States
Office: 765-551-8140
Cell phone: 001-(714)224-9407
CEO: Mr. Andy Shao

1. Legal Business Name on Amazon shows as A&J Manufacturing LLC
2. The legal entity business address according to Amazon is showing 12071 N State Road 37, Elwood IN, 46036
3. The official registered address is: A&J Manufacturing LLC
Suite/Unit 100, Westfield, Indiana, 46074-8972, US
4. Primary Charge Method on file: Card Ending in 9654 (Visa) - 2/26 under Pudao Shao and the BIlling Information under 12644 Roseberry Street


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